Solar Eclipse Crystal Cleansing | Charging


with Mercury in retrograde and the recent solar eclipse, there is a lot happening energetically. with that being said, I wanted to welcome the new sun with the right attitude. welcoming and ready for the opportunities that are waiting. 


I started out with cleaning the house in preparation and in addition to, crystal cleansing. I always feel that a good house cleaning prepares me mentally and spiritually for change and setting new intentions. 

after the house was clean, I started to gather my crystals from around my home and prepare my sacred space. there are many ways to cleanse crystals. each crystal is different and not all can be cleansed the same way. make sure to read up on the types of crystals and the appropriate cleansing so as to not damage them in any way. 

I worked with a combination of cleansing practices for my crystals this week: smudging with sage, cedar, rose buds, and lavender, visualization, my singing bowl, and candlelight. while cleansing I usually attach an intention to the process. 

ritual is a beautiful thing. taking time to stop and reflect and refresh, for yourself and your home space. 


Learn more about cleansing crystals here (click image)


Once I was finished cleansing, it was time to set my crystals outside and wait for the eclipse. I let them sit out until sunset, and brought them back in and back to their intended spaces. 

my intention for this cleansing was "letting go of things holding me back from potential greatness". sometimes we hold on to things we think are "as good as it's going to get" because we believe that's as far as we will go, as big as dreams could get. but the truth is that the greatness in life, at least for me, is to be a spirit that continues to evolve and grow, to test and try new things and not get comfortable in successes, they are not my own. I love seeing where the universe takes me, and the goals I accomplish that I never knew I had. these things can only happen though if I make room for them, and let go of things that hold me back. most of the time fear is the biggest obstacle holding me back. fear and ego. and so I have set my sights and intentions on letting go of that fear and my ego. with the new sun comes new opportunities. I can not wait to see what is in store. I know that the plans are good, I will grow, and I will become the best version of myself, so long as I continue to let go of myself and cling to the divine. 

the eclipse has reminded me that although I may not always see the source, the source is always with me. I have nothing to fear, as long as I put my trust in something bigger than myself.

what has the eclipse brought for you? I would love to hear your thoughts and share in your intentions for this new sun.



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