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We exist to provide ethical, ecological, and beautiful alternatives in fashion, beauty and lifestyle.



SARAROSE ON OAK was born in 2012 as a natural progression from the first studio space that Sararose Krenger had opened in 2010, Stix and Roses. Expanding from the house brand label Stix and Roses that specialized in ethical and ecological, locally handmade women’s clothing. Sararose wanted to provide ethical, ecological, and beautiful alternatives in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products, with a luxurious one on one retail experience. Connecting retail habits with sustainable initiatives. The belief is to help guide a consumer to shop less and wear more. As a stylist and designer, Sararose has hand selected each brand/product based on a minimalist approach. The best of each essential category.


It is imperative, that as a species we learn to adapt a more ecologically and ethically aware way of life. The choices that we make have a direct and indirect affect on every single living species inhabiting this planet now, and for future generations. It is not only important, it is necessary to survive and thrive on this planet. Choosing ethical and ecological clothing is a giant step in the right direction in cutting down on waste and reverting back to a slow paced fashion mindset.

At SARAROSE ON OAK, we are constantly looking to partner with the latest in ethically and ecologically focused companies.

Companies that give back and are aware in every aspect of their business, from providing life changing visual correction surgery to supporting Ocean Conservancy, and local animal shelters across the country, every purchase at SRO is changing lives around the globe, while taking care of Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

The companies we carry, are all doing their part to ensure an ethically sourced and produced collection of products.


Our house brand Stix and Roses is handmade ethically right here in Chicago, with the most innovative materials in sustainability and technology. From bamboo, tencel (lyocell), modal, organic cotton, and upcycled materials, we produce a timeless collection of ecological staples that every wardrobe should own.

It takes a lot of research and an ever evolving mindset. As a consumer we should always be asking questions. We work with bamboo, Tencel (lyocell), modal, and organic cotton for our house brand Stix and Roses. Each very unique, each has pros and cons in the world of ecological qualities. Bamboo is most ecologically friendly in its grow and harvest phase. It does not require pesticides, or tons of water, and it grows quickly with little help, compared to the growth and harvesting of organic cotton, lyocell, and modal. However, the processing phase of Tencel is much more earth friendly than bamboo. Using a closed loop process, almost 100% of the solvent used to process the lyocell fiber is recycled.

Every brand that we partner with has similar beliefs and philosophies. We strive to create a better tomorrow for every living species on Earth. 

Providing guilt-free, comfortable shopping that is nothing short of luxurious.


With an ever growing collection of timeless wardrobe staples, and a long list of amazing home and beauty essentials, SARAROSE ON OAK is constantly evolving and expanding.

The beauty at SARAROSE ON OAK is that we don’t ever want to settle. We want the best for you, your body, your home, the environment and our fellow citizens of planet Earth; and we want to look great while we are at it.

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