Are you bored with your clothes and feel uninspired? We can show you how to energize your style! We are known for starting with what women have in their closet, introducing new pairings and making a plan for select purchases at their own pace.. At SARAROSE, we use fashion and wellness as the vehicle for guiding women to feel more confident, self-realized and free from the confines of stereotypes. We are experts in fashion using a genuine, loving approach that results in a style that is uniquely you.


Whether lawyers, doctors, teachers, busy moms, artists, empty nesters, jet setters, those facing major transitions in life, all stages of life, those looking to declutter and simplify their life, or those that are too busy, hate to shop, or just need some guidance when shopping, our clients lifestyles range vastly. 


Here is what some of our clients are saying: 


 I feel so refreshed! My closet is clear of all the junk clothes that made me unhappy. I have tons of new, fresh ideas of how to wear my favorite clothes. I have direction about what to buy to add to my closet mindfully. MOST of all...I got inspired to have FUN with clothes and a CONFIDENCE boost to push my style to the next level. She's my go-to stylist until the end of time! xoxo
-Dawn B.
Exceeded my expectations
 My consultation was great. I learned a great deal and feel less dread about shopping.
Jean L.


  "Sararose was very professional. She analyzed my fashion life, and told me about her credentials. Is it possible to adopt her? Would Sally object?"

- Marilyn R.F.


“Having a professional stylist like Sararose, takes the guesswork out of pulling together the right looks for events. Sararose is patient and takes into account your body type and lifestyle. She works with your wardrobe to add key element pieces, to embellish and improve your current wardrobe and look. Sara is not just about you looking good, she also focuses on how it makes you feel. When you look good, you feel good.” 
- Mina 
“The hardest transition I ever made, was from my law school lulu to my courtroom attire... After working with Sararose, I found the transition to be a lot less daunting and quite enjoyed our time shopping together!” 
So helpful! Sararose really listens and offers true, personalized advice!
- Jackie
“Working with Sararose makes life easier by saving time. Also, providing ideas for styles I normally wouldn’t try.” 
- Gabby 
”Sararose is wonderful to work with, very personable, and listened to my needs and ideas .  I strongly recommend Sararose. Having Sararose as a stylist is a huge benefit to me. With her help, I am able to streamline my wardrobe and have an easier time getting ready in the morning.”
- Heidi 
 I am very pleased with the professionalism.Commitment.
- John